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"The Hamlet" Alexandra

Safe and Secure Permanent living for over 55's

Welcome to "The Hamlet" 

A small Community located at 5016 Maroondah Highway, Alexandra Vic 3714
Are you at or near retirement age?
Is your property too much for you to maintain?
Can you use the money tied up in your current property?
Are you looking to downsize?

Do you want to live in a secure community environment?
Do you need room for your caravan or mobile home?
We offer affordable alternative housing.
2 & 3 bedroom units available.
Stage 2 now selling
Site charges apply
Be quick to purchase this unique lifestyle.


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The Units

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The Concept

A village has been established as a division of Alexandra Tourist Park, 5016 Maroondah Highway, Alexandra, Vic 3714, by the owners, Peter and Kerryn Scott. The name of the village is The Hamlet "Alexandra"
The village objective is to provide an alternate, affordable style of housing to singles or couples. The concept makes excellent appeal to retired or near retired person/s whose children no longer live with them.
How does it work?
A brand new unit can be purchased which is designed to fit into the community style of living being offered. It will be built by a Registered Builder who will build the unit from a design agreed with Peter and Kerryn Scott which must be within the specified size approved to be located for the project.
A deposit of 10% of the purchase price is required prior to the unit being constructed. The balance of the total purchase money will be due on the unit's date of completion or alternatively on a mutually agreed date.
Normally a unit should be completed within 90 days; this term can make it easier for those wishing to sell their house. A prospective buyer should however confirm the number of days with the owners.

The unit is erected on a chosen site (depending on the stage of development) in the Hamlet, on occupation the owner of the unit will pay to the owners a Site Fee. This fee is payable in advance on a fortnightly basis.
The fee may entitle an owner/s to a payment of rental assistance, an occupant should check with the relevant Government department to ascertain whether or not this is appropriate. 
How much would I need to Pay for a unit and what do I get?
Two bedroom units start from $180,000.00. As soon as your requirements are known you can make a request for a quote for your specified unit in accordance with the requirements of the village.
As soon as the unit has been paid for it becomes your property. If your circumstances were to change the unit could be shifted elsewhere (as it is an un-registered movable dwelling) or it could be re-sold on site to a purchaser approved by the owners. The purchase price includes the specified unit (refer section "The Units"), split system air-conditioning, carport (to the full length of the side of the unit it is attached to), floor coverings, base boards around entire unit, established garden, connection to water, electricity and town sewerage. The exterior colour bond cladding reduces maintenance costs. 

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The Units.

The units are built by Snowgum, They are 6 Star fully insulated units built to the highest standard, in fact we personally inspect each unit with you at each stage of the build in the factory in Sunshine.

Kerryn and Pete spent many months researching builders for The Hamlet, they had to share the same ethics and philosopy as us, and realise that this is a massive undertaking for everyone, so we have to deliver the best possible project at a competitive price. It's the little things like ensuring the gaps around the windows are thermally sealed, that make an energy efficient building, thus reducing heating and cooling costs.

Albert and his team embody our vison, and are more than happy to discuss options for your new home, We are pleased to partner with them.

Each Unit comes with the following as standard.




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 Display Unit.

The display unit is located in Sunshine at the Snowgum factory, an appointment is required.



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"The Hamlet" Alexandra - FAQ

What is the Hamlet "Alexandra"?
The Hamlet is a small village (as per the Oxford Dictionary).
It is a division of Alexandra Tourist Park and is in an area completely separated by a colour bond fence. 

Who owns the Hamlet?
The Hamlet "Alexandra" is a registered business name owned by Peter and Kerryn Scott who also own Alexandra Tourist Park.

Who managers the Hamlet?
Peter and Kerryn Scott own and run both the Hamlet and the caravan park and reside in the residential premises at Alexandra Tourist Park. From time to time Peter and Kerryn will appoint other people to relieve them to run the Hamlet.

Can I buy a unit and apply to have it on site at the Hamlet?
New units can only be purchased from the managers. No other, manufacturers unit, will be permitted to be in the Hamlet.

What will I buy and own?
You will own the unit which will be located on a site at the Hamlet. This unit will be chosen and built within the specifications outlined by you as the purchaser and agreed to in terms of the agreement entered into with the managers. 

What deposit do I need?
In order to place an order for a unit you will need a deposit of 10% of the purchase price. 

If I need to sell a house to raise the funds to buy a unit at the Hamlet, how do I secure a unit?
A $5000 payment will reserve your site until you sell your house. The balance of the deposit will be payable on the sale of your house or if unable to sell in a reasonable timeframe the payment will be refunded.

How long will it take to build my unit?
A lead time of 90 days is normally required from the time you order until completion. (This should be a guide as to the term of a contract if selling a house). 

How much are the site fees?
The fee for a single per fortnight is $298.00 and $378.00 for a couple for each site. This figure includes GST (at the rate of 5.5%) and equates to an annual figure of $7,748.00 for a single and $9,828.00 for a couple.

What does the site fee cover?
Electricity is charges at a metered rate, Gas is charged per bottle used, water is included in the site fees and is unmetered.

When and how are site fees able to be paid?
Fees are payable fortnightly in advance. A direct debit authority from your Bank Account will need to be completed. Alternatively an arrangement can be made to have the fees paid by Centrelink direct to our bank account.

Who is responsible for upkeep?
The Hamlet managers are responsible to maintain and care for all common areas lawns and gardens. Residents will be responsible to maintain their own gardens and unit to an acceptable standard.

Can I store a boat or caravan at the Hamlet?
Included in the initial cost of your unit is a carport. This carport can be up to the full length of your unit, for example the first unit built has a carport 7.2 metres long. We have intentionally given an option for a long carport so you may store more than your car. Basically we will allow you to store a caravan or boat providing that along with your car there is enough room under the roof of the carport. The caravan park offers storage; if additional storage is required it may be possible to make an arrangement.

What happens when I vacate my residence for an extended period, say for an overseas trip or to go touring?
An agreement can be entered into with management for garden maintenance and any other thing that may need to be done while the resident is away. An appropriate fee would need to be negotiated with management.

Am I allowed to keep a Pet?
Small Pets are permitted but they must be approved by the managers. Pets will be thoroughly screened to protect the managers, the resident and all other residents. A formal agreement will need to be completed concerning any specific animal. This is to protect all parties (owners, occupants and residents) involved if any dispute should arise

Are family and friends allowed to reside with me for a short time?
Visitors are welcome and if anybody stays overnight or short term then no payment would be required. Stays beyond a maximum of 14 days would need to be approved with management, a charge may apply.

Can someone else own the unit that I occupy?
The occupier/s of the unit are those that agree to do so with management. The resident/s would normally be the unit's owners but children of the occupants can purchase a unit for their parents to live in.

I know that I own the Unit, so what rights do I have for my unit to be on the site?
Your rights are protected under the Residential Tenancies Act; your unit cannot be sub-let.

Is there a body corporate?
The Hamlet does not have a body corporate and therefore consequently no fees. The resident is protected under the Residential Tenancies Act which is applicable to caravan parks. Consumer Affairs prints a booklet as a guide for residents, owners and managers. Every resident will be given a copy of the booklet on or before the day they move in. 

What happens in the case of a Grievance?
It is intended that the Hamlet is a community where people can live together and offers an opportunity for people to co-exist in a unique environment. If a resident has a grievance a private conciliatory approach to settling of disputes with other occupants, or the Hamlet management should occur. 

Am I responsible for my units Insurance?
It is essential that residents obtain their own house insurance. Management must be given proof from the resident that the unit is covered by insurance.

Can I sell my unit on-site at the hamlet? 
Yes it can and would take affect like a normal property sale with the exception that the owners prospective purchaser would need to meet the owners approval.

If I wanted to remove my unit, how would I go about it?
If the unit is going to be removed from the site then the resident/s or his or her representative is responsible to arrange, after first arranging it with the Hamlet management, for an independent contractor to carry out the necessary work. A prescribed notice should be given at least 7 days prior to this occurring.

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1 kilometre west of the township of Alexandra, which is regarded as the commercial hub of the Shire of Murrindindi.  

In buying a unit on-site at the Hamlet a resident will benefit from the location being only 1 kilometre west of the township of Alexandra, which is regarded as the commercial hub of the Shire of Murrindindi.
A bus runs (most days) and will pick-up in the front of the park, this bus travels to Melbourne and stops at Healesville, Lilydale, Ringwood, Box Hill and Kew and returns in the evening.
Alexandra has its own District Hospital and Ambulance Service.
The local supermarket "Reddrops Foodworks" opens 8am to 8pm daily; the town has 3 Banks, 4 Hotels, and a variety of shops.
A number of activities are represented in the region including:

  • Bowling
  • Horse racing
  • 4 public golf courses and a private course, at Stonlea, all are within a 25 minute drive.
  • Local football and netball
  • 10 Lawn Tennis Courts
  • Squash
  • Lapidary
  • Woodworking & Woodturning
  • Steam Train (at the Timber Tramway )
  • Quilting
  • Many outdoor activities are also available

Other organisations such as Lions Club, Rotary and Probus are also represented. 

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Fee Structure

The owner of a Unit at The Hamlet will pay a site fee.

The fee will be $149.00 per week for one person and $189.00 per week for a couple which includes GST (GST is calculated at 10% for for the 1st 28days thereafter at 5.5%)The fee covers the following services which the owners of The Hamlet will provide:

  • The right to occupy the site
  • Surrounds up-keep
  • Supply of Water
  • Security, due to the area being separately fenced. The area will also be patrolled and at the beginning of Stage 2 a boom gate with access control will be installed.
  • Set guidelines for standards and expectations for living at the Hamlet.
  • Collection of Garbage, Recyclables (papers, cardboard, bottles, plastics, etc)
  • Disposal of garden refuse
  • Mail collection

The payment of a site fee may entitle an owner/s to a payment of rental assistance, an occupant should check with the relevant Government department to ascertain whether or not this is appropriate.
There will not be a body corporate or body corporate fees. Every occupant will be issued with a document titled "Guidelines and Standards for - the Hamlet Alexandra.

It should be noted that, initially, Peter and Kerryn Scott (as owners) will pay the GST difference between the 10% and 5.5% on the first 28 days fees. 

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